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This page gives an overview of Buckingham Palace and the famous Queens Galery Art Museum. The article is intended to help the reader decide whether a visit to the two sights in London is worthwhile despite the entrance fees.

Buckingham Palace is the Queen’s residence in the centre of London. The building was built around the year 1700, but was only rebuilt in 1837 to the royal palace. The first queen to use Buckingham Palace was the famous Victoria.

What do you see at Buckingham Palace?

The huge Buckingham Palace has over 700 rooms, including 80 bathrooms. You can only look at some of the many rooms. In Buckingham Palace you can see halls with furniture and objects from the past, but also some modern things.

Interesting for many visitors is the exhibition of the clothes and the famous hats of Queen Elisabeth. The Queen’s ladies’ hats have been a major topic in the British press and fashion magazines for decades.

Worth seeing are also the gardens and parks around Buckingham Palace. You can learn many interesting things about the huge building by renting an audio guide (also in German).

The large crowds and waiting queues are felt negatively by many tourists in summer. But that’s the way it is with such a famous sight in the middle of London.

The most popular excursion by boat on the Thames

Meanwhile, a large part of London tourists take a boat trip on the Thames. Of course, everyone wants to see the center of London from the ship. Thus, the most popular boat tour is from Westminster to Greenwich, that is, across the city center of London. Very often booked tour, you should book online in advance:

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Caution: Short opening hours 2024

Buckingham Palace can only be visited in summer for two months. This is also relatively new. Until about 15 years ago the building was not accessible to the people at all. These two months are in the main tourist season in summer (about mid-July to mid-September). But as one only sees a small part of a side wing of Buckingham Palace, the high entrance fee of 15 pounds is probably only worthwhile for the biggest fans of the Royal Family.

The famous change of guards

Interesting and very popular among the tourists is the Changing of the Guards. This takes place in summer daily at 11:30, in winter only every second day. In case of rain the change of guards is cancelled. Thus, it is best to come to Buckingham Palace in the late morning.

How to get to Buckingham Palace and Queens Gallery: There is no direct subway station at Buckingham Palace, but some stations are 500 – 800 metres away: Victoria, St Jame´s Park and Hyde Park Corner.

Queens Gallery (Queen’s Gallery)

Location: The Musuem is about 200 metres to the left of the main entrance to Buckingham Palace.

Changing exhibition: Every year the Queens Gallery exhibits a different part of the gigantic royal collection of paintings, including world-famous works by Rembrandt, Leonardo da Vinci and Rubens. Sculptures and pieces of furniture can also be seen in some years.

Free admission to the Quenns Gallery is available with the London Pass.

You can buy tickets for the Queens Gallery in advance at this website.

Opening hours Queens Gallery 2024: Daily from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., in high season from 9:30 a.m. In winter, the Queen Gallery is sometimes completely closed for a few weeks.

Admission Queens Gallery 2024: About 18 pounds for adults, seniors and students get approximately two pounds discount. Teenagers in early 2020 pay about 12 pounds. Children under the age of 5 do not pay admission to the Queens Gallery.

Whether these prices are worthwhile must be decided by each individual. In contrast, the really big art museums in London like the National Gallery or the grandiose Museum of Modern Art London (Tate Modern) don’t cost an entrance fee.

Free admission to the Queens Gallery is available with the London Pass.

You can buy tickets for the Queens Gallery in advance at this website.

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Tip: Harry Potter excursion (Warner Brothers Studio Tour)

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The Queen’s Gallery is an impressive art gallery in the grounds of Buckingham Palace in London. It belongs to the Royal Collection Trust and is one of the most important and impressive art collections in the world. The gallery has been open to the public since 1962 and houses a changing collection of more than 450 works of art.

The gallery was originally built in 1962 as a temporary building for the exhibition of paintings from the Royal Collection. The temporary building was replaced in 2002 by a modern, purpose-built gallery that has become a centre of attraction for art lovers from all over the world. The Queen’s Gallery collection is very diverse and includes paintings, drawings, sculptures and furniture. One of the highlights is the collection of works by Dutch masters, including paintings by Rembrandt, Vermeer and Van Dyck. The gallery also houses a large collection of decorative art from the 17th and 18th centuries, including beautiful furniture, ceramics and silverware.

The Queen’s Gallery also houses an important collection of works by British artists, including portraits of monarchs and other important figures in British history. Among the most notable works in the collection are portraits of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, and paintings by William Hogarth and Joshua Reynolds. In addition to its permanent collection, the Queen’s Gallery organises temporary exhibitions throughout the year featuring works from other important collections around the world. Recent exhibitions include works by Leonardo da Vinci, Canaletto and the Dutch painter Jan Steen.

One of the most fascinating aspects of The Queen’s Gallery is the stories behind the works on display. Many of the paintings and objects in the collection have fascinating stories to tell, and visitors can learn more about the people and events that shaped the gallery’s history through interactive exhibits and audio guides.

The gallery also offers a variety of educational programmes and activities for visitors of all ages. These include guided tours, workshops, lectures and family-friendly activities designed to engage young visitors and bring them closer to art and history.

The Queen’s Gallery is open seven days a week, except on certain days when it is closed for official events or renovations. Admission to the gallery is reasonably priced and includes access to all exhibitions and galleries.

All in all, the Queen’s Gallery is a must-see for anyone interested in art, history and culture. With an impressive collection of works and a fascinating history, this museum is one of the most impressive art galleries in the world and a true gem of the British cultural landscape.

Free admission to the Queens Gallery is available with the London Pass.

You can buy tickets for the Queens Gallery in advance at this website.

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