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What time of year should I visit London?

You can travel to London all year round without any problems. There are always many tourists. Even in winter, the hotels are very well booked, but bargains are more likely to be found then than in summer.

Of course, summer has the advantage that London’s climate is warmer and it is light for a long time. It rarely gets very hot in London. Even in midsummer, temperatures only rise above 33 degrees for a few days every few years. As people all over the northern hemisphere go on holiday in July and August, a lot of tourists come to London in these months. Hotels are even more expensive than usual, and there are long queues at many of London’s top sights.

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Winter has the great advantage that at this time of year it is on average 3-5 degrees warmer in London than in Germany. So if you travel to London in winter, with a bit of luck you can avoid the really big cold in Germany. The heaters usually work well in the hotels in London. Hotels are also a bit cheaper in winter (except around Christmas and New Year’s Eve), so winter is not a bad time to travel to London. But there is one big disadvantage – in London it gets dark in December already around 16:30 local time. So you have to leave early if you want to see a lot of sights and take photos. As the winter sun is very low, holiday photos in winter are often not as good as in other seasons.Spring and autumn are not bad times to visit the capital of England. There are not too many tourists then, as there are few holidays in the whole of Europe except around Easter. Temperatures around 10 degrees are sufficient for a city holiday. It gets dark much later in spring than in autumn.

Our recommendations: It’s best to go to London between May and September, but the rest of the year is not a bad time to travel either.

Top 10 London sights on the city map

Tower of London: It’s better to buy tickets in advance on the internet.

I can’t say this often enough: the waiting time at the ticket office in front of the entrance to the Tower of London is often hours. On this website you can buy tickets for Tower London online. Cancellations up to one day before the visit are free of charge with this provider.  Tickets for the Tower of London are available here  » » »

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Tickets for the London Eye Ferris wheel can be found on this  website

Tip:    Harry Potter 2024 Excursion (Warner Brothers Studio Tour)

One of the popular excursions in London is to the film studios, where the Harry Potter films were shot. The location of the studios is about 30 kilometres north of London near the town of Watford. The tour includes a bus transfer from London and has very good reviews. A “must” for every Harry Potter fan on holiday in London. The trip by bus and the visit to the film studios takes around 7 hours. You should book early, the popular Harry Potter excursion from London is often sold out. The alternative journey by public transport is not so easy. The excursion to the Warner Brothers Studios is for many London holidaymakers the highlight of their trip.

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Travel time London: all months

When asked about the best time to travel to London each month, it depends on your preferences and what you want to do on your trip. However, below is some general information about the weather and events in London throughout the year.


This is usually one of the coldest and darkest months in London, but also a good time to visit if you’re looking for deals on accommodation and sightseeing.


London doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day on 14 February like other places, but you can still enjoy the romantic atmosphere of the city.


Flowers and longer days herald the start of spring in London this month. Also check out the St Patrick’s Day parade and the boat races in Oxford and Cambridge.


Due to the mild weather and Easter celebrations, this is a popular time to visit London. Enjoy the annual London Marathon and the Chelsea Flower Show.


London is usually sunny and warm in May, with many outdoor events and festivals to attend. You can also celebrate the Spring Bank Holiday or the Chelsea Fringe Festival.


If you want to experience the longest day of the year and the Wimbledon tennis tournament, this is the perfect time to visit London.


London in July tends to be lively and vibrant with events such as the Pride Parade and the British Summer Time Hyde Park Music Festival.


This is the peak tourist season in London, with mild weather and lots of outdoor activities. Also visit the Notting Hill Carnival and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


With fewer people and cooler temperatures, this is the ideal time to visit London. Also visit the Thames Festival and the London Design Festival.


London in October is generally mild and damp, but there is still plenty to do. Enjoy Halloween and the annual Frieze Art Fair.


This month sees the start of winter in London with shorter days and cooler temperatures. You can also enjoy the Lord Mayor’s Show and the Christmas lights on Oxford Street.


London at Christmas time is magical with festive decorations and events such as Winter Wonderland and the New Year’s Eve fireworks.

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