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The British National Gallery is one of the most important art museums in the world. It is located very centrally in London at the northern Trafalgar Square. The National Gallery in London exclusively exhibits works from the 13th-19th century.

Among them are many world famous paintings. Virtually all important painters are represented with several important works. Highlights are mainly paintings by Dutch, Flemish, French, Italian, British, Spanish and German artists. Altogether there are far more than 2000 works. The gallery is one of the most popular sights in London. In summer and on weekends, one has to queue at some paintings. There is another reason for its popularity: it is one of the very few important art museums in the world that doesn’t cost an entrance fee!

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Orientation in the National Gallery is not too difficult. After the entrance you enter a large hall, which divides the entire building into four wings. If one wants to start in the 13th century, one first goes to the Sainsbury Wing (works up to about 1500). Then follows the West-Wing of the National Gallery with works from the 16th century. In the North Wing the paintings from the 17th century and in the probably most important wing with the name East Wing are pictures from the time between 1700 and 1900.

20th century art in London has its own museum of absolute world class – the Tate Modern south of the Thames.

Examples of important paintings in the National Gallery in London

Leonardo da Vinci: “Virgin with Child”, “Madonna of the Rocks”

Jan van Eyck: “Arnolfini Wedding”

Rubens: “Peace and War,” “Robbery of the Sabine Women,” “Samson and Delilah.”

Rembrandt: “The Guest Meal of Belshazzar”

Van Gogh: “Sunflowers”, “Vincent’s Chair with Pipe”, “Cornfield with Cypresses”.

Monet: “Bathers at La Grenouilere”

John Constable: “The Hay Wagon”

Sandro Botticelli: “Venus and Mars”

Diego Velazquez: “Venus in front of the mirror”

Titian: “Bachus and Ariande”

Michelangelo: “The Tomb of Christ”

Joseph Wright of Derby: “The experiment with the bird in the air pump.”

Eduard Manet: “The Music in the Tuileries Garden”

Of course, a museum like the British National Gallery with almost 2,500 paintings is quite confusing. Therefore, it is worthwhile to borrow an audio guide at the entrance.

New pictures since 2015

The museum still buys new paintings, among them about 5 to 10 important works of art every year.

In 2016, among the new works were “Mann auf der Leiter” (Luca Signorelli, Italy) “Oetzthal” (Vilhelm Petersen, Denmark) or “Blumen in einer Glasvase mit einer Tulpe” (Flowers in a glass vase with a tulip) (Rachel Ruysch, Netherlands).

Since 2015 are in the National Gallery London among other things: “Scenes on the Life of the Virgin and Other Saints” (Giovanni da Rimini, Italy), “The Blue Pacific” (Arthur Streeton, Australia), “The Road to the Village of Baldersbronde on a Winter Day” (Laurits Andersen Ring, Denmark).

Important information for visitors

Entrance fees National-Galerie London 2023 : Entrance to the National Gallery is free! Donations are of course welcome.

Opening hours National-Galerie London 2023 : Daily 10-18 o’clock, Friday even until 21 o’clock. There is no rest day, open 7 days a week.

Directions National-Galerie London: The National Gallery is centrally located in London at Trafalgar Square. An approach by car is not recommendable due to the hardly available parking possibilities and the London city centre toll. Underground stations are less than 500 metres away: Leicester Square, Charing Cross, Piccadilly Circus

Close by: You can walk from the Art Museum in Trafalgar Square to the Prime Ministers’ residence in Downing Street Ten (about 500 metres), 200 metres further is the Westminster Abbey Church.

The 2 great art museums in Florence (Italy) are the  Uffizi Gallery Florence and the Accademia Gallery Florence.

National Gallery London 2023: More interesting info

The National Gallery is one of the most famous museums in the world and a must-see for any art lover visiting London. Here’s what you need to know about the National Gallery.

History of the National Gallery

The National Gallery was founded in 1824 and is located in Trafalgar Square in central London. It houses one of the world’s largest collections of Western European art, with over 2300 paintings from the Middle Ages to the 20th century.

Famous paintings

The National Gallery’s collection includes many famous paintings, including Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, Botticelli’s Venus and Mars, Da Vinci’s Madonna with the Rocks and Constable’s Wine in the Hay. The collection also includes works by artists such as Rembrandt, Vermeer, Raphael and Turner. ExhibitionThe National Gallery holds numerous exhibitions throughout the year, featuring works from its collection as well as loans from other museums and galleries around the world. These exhibitions offer a unique insight into the art of different periods and the lives of the artists who created them.


The National Gallery offers a variety of guided tours, including free daily tours, private tours and audio tours. These tours help visitors to better understand the works on display and the stories behind them.

Family activities

The National Gallery also offers many family activities such as workshops, storytelling and artistic creation. These activities are a great way for families to interact with the artworks and learn more about the artists who created them.

Dining and shopping

There are several cafés and restaurants at the National Gallery, including the National Dining Room overlooking Trafalgar Square. There are also several shops selling gifts, books and souvenirs related to art.


The National Gallery is fully accessible and has ramps, lifts and disabled parking. Audio and large print guides are also available for visitors with visual impairments.

How do I get there?

The National Gallery is located in Trafalgar Square in central London and is easily accessible by public transport. The nearest tube stations are Charing Cross, Leicester Square and Embankment.

Admission fees and opening hours

Admission to the National Gallery is free, but a donation is requested. The museum is open daily from 10:00 to 18:00 and until 21:00 on Fridays.

Tower of London: It’s better to buy tickets in advance on the internet.

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Did you know?

The National Gallery’s collection consists only of paintings, not sculptures or other works of art.
The building that now houses the National Gallery was originally planned as a palace for William IV, but was converted into a museum in the 1820s.
The National Gallery’s collection includes several self-portraits by Vincent van Gogh, including the famous Self-Portrait with a Bandaged Ear.
The National Gallery was one of the first museums in the world to introduce a digital presence, with online collections and virtual tours available on the museum’s website.

Nearby: You can walk from the art museum in Trafalgar Square to the Prime Ministers’ residence at Ten Downing Street (about 500 metres), 200 metres further is the church of Westminster Abbey.


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