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In Hyde Park you can experience a lot without having to pay admission. The important thing is good weather. The highlights for us were the speakers in Speakers Corner and the many species of birds….


Hyde Park is a park in central London and one of the largest urban parks in the world. From east to west in the 1,000 year old Hyde Park over 3 kilometers long, from south to north about 1.5 km. There are many sight in Hyde Park London:

Things to see in the park

Londoners engage in various activities in their popular park. Many simply go for a walk. Thousands jog in the green space every day. Picnics in Hyde Park also have a great tradition in London.

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In the middle of Hype Park is a large lake called Serpentine. Here you can rent pedal boats and rowboats or just watch hundreds of water birds. At the Serpentine lake there is a nice restaurant with lake view (Serpentine Bar & Kitchen). There is also a horseback riding facility. By the way, the swimming in the 2012 Olympic Triathlon took place in Serpentine Lake.

In the southeast of the Hype Park is the so-called Hyde Park Corner. Here, various events take place, such as the huge London Christmas Market (Winter Wonderland).

In the northeast of the green is probably the most famous place in the green, the Speakers Corner. This is where people have freely and openly discussed politics and other things for centuries, the top sightseeing spot in Hyde Park! Beware of confusion: Hyde Park Corner and Speakers Corner are two different parts of Hyde Park.

One nuisance in Hyde Park, in our opinion, is the many dogs. It is, to our knowledge, allowed to let dogs run around off-leash in most parts. This is not good news for people who are afraid of dogs or don’t like the many dog droppings. Also, some birds that breed on the ground are disturbed by the dogs in Hyde Park.

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Animals in Hyde Park

The birds in Hype Park have become so accustomed to humans that some of them even eat out of tourists’ hands. Also gray squirrels (similar to our squirrels, see picture below) are really begging for food. Sometimes you can see many colorful butterflies.

Hyde Park is a birdwatcher’s paradise. According to a private survey by an English bird lover, more than 150 different bird species live in the park in London. Most noticeable are the larger birds, such as the various species of geese and ducks. But also gray herons, Canada geese, whistling ducks, ruddy ducks, tufted ducks, beautiful manta ducks and Egyptian geese are among the water birds in the park in central London.

Kensington Gardens: Actually, Hyde Park officially consists of two parks, but they merge completely. These are Hyde Park and, further west, Kensington Gardens (on the western side of the Serpentine Lake).

Getting to Hyde Park: There are several subway stations around the park. If you want to go to Speakers Corner, it is best to get off at “Marble Arch” (Central Line, red on map). In the southeast of Hyde Park is the station “Hyde Park Corner” or further back towards Kensington Gardens the station “Knightsbridge” (both Piccadilly Line, dark blue). Heathrow Airport can be reached directly from Hyde Park with the Piccadilly Line, as can the central Piccadilly Circus. The red Central Line, for example, takes you directly to the financial center of the City.

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Hyde Park is one of the largest and most popular parks in London and is visited by millions of tourists and locals every year. Covering over 350 hectares, Hyde Park is an oasis of relaxation, recreation and entertainment in the city.

History: Hyde Park has a rich and interesting history dating back over 400 years. Originally laid out as a hunting ground for King Henry VIII, the park was opened to the public by King Charles I in the mid-17th century. In the 18th and 19th centuries, Hyde Park developed into a popular meeting place for assemblies, political gatherings and sporting events. The park was also the site of many historic events, including the Great Exhibition of 1851, which showcased the best of British industry and technology.

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Activities Hyde Park

Hyde Park offers a wide range of activities and attractions for visitors of all ages. Here are just some of the many things to see and do in the park:

Relax in the green spaces:

With over 350 acres of green space, Hyde Park is the perfect place to relax and enjoy nature. Visitors can stroll through the park’s many gardens and meadows, have a picnic by the lake or just watch the goings-on.

Visit the Serpentine:

The Serpentine is a large lake in the middle of Hyde Park and a popular place for boating, swimming and sunbathing. Visitors can hire a boat or pedal boat or swim in a designated swimming area.

Explore the park on foot:

Hyde Park has a network of walking and cycling trails where visitors can explore the park’s many attractions. The park also offers guided tours that provide interesting information about the park’s history and environment.

Observe the wildlife:

Hyde Park is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including birds, squirrels and even hedgehogs. Visitors can observe many of the park’s inhabitants on a walk through the woods and gardens.

Visit the monuments and statues:

There are many monuments and statues in Hyde Park, including Diana, the Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain, the Holocaust Memorial and the Peter Pan statue.

Attend an event:

Hyde Park is a popular venue for concerts, festivals and other cultural events throughout the year. Visitors can check the park’s events calendar to see what’s happening during their visit.

Facilities Hyde Park

Hyde Park offers a wide range of amenities and services to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. These include:

Sanitary facilities:

The park has numerous public toilets, including those for disabled people.

Cafes and restaurants:

There are several cafes and restaurants in this park, offering a variety of food and meals.


There are several areas for children in Hyde Park, including a large playground.

Sports equipment:

The park has several sports facilities, including tennis courts and an athletics track.


Hyde Park is accessible for wheelchairs and walkers and has accessible walkways, toilets and parking.


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