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Gatwick Airport is the second largest airport in London and Great Britain. Only Heathrow Airport is larger. Gatwick Airport is one of the 10 largest airports in Europe and one of the 50 largest in the world. Each year, more than 30 million passengers are handled at Gatwick Airport, which is only slightly less than Munich Airport, Germany’s second-largest airport. London Gatwick is primarily a charter airport, unlike Heathrow.

Gatwick is considered the largest airport in the world with only one runway, which is also a landing strip. Almost every minute an airplane takes off or lands on the runway of Gatwick Airport. Nevertheless, there are few delays. Despite one runway, there are two terminals, the South Terminal and the North Terminal.

Location Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Airport is located almost 50 km south of the centre of London. This sounds like a lot, but thanks to the good transport connections (see below), especially with trains, Gatwick is quickly the largest city in Europe. Gatwick is located in West Sussex near the municipality of Crawley. Gatwick is also particularly suitable for holidaymakers who want to travel to the English south coast. There are direct rail links to the seaside resort and party town of Brighton, which is just over 50 kilometres south of the airport.

 Directions to Gatwick Airport by train

As I said, London Gatwick Airport has a good rail connection. The train station is located at the South Terminal. There are several trains between Gatwick and London.

The Gatwick Express is a train that runs every 15 minutes between Gatwick Airport and London Victoria. London Victoria is a station in the south of downtown London, not far from Buckingham Palace. The Gatwick Express does not stop on the way and takes about 30 minutes. Thus, as a rule, one is already in London approximately 1 hour after the check-out in Gatwick. However, the Gatwick Express costs 19.90 British pounds (as of the beginning of 2017). Many a tourist is said to have paid more for the Gatwick Express than for his cheap flight ticket. During the night, the Gatwick Express takes a break for a few hours. In our opinion, it makes sense to buy a ticket for the Gatwick Express on the internet before you travel. On this link you can buy tickets for the Gatwick Express.

Regular long-distance trains operated by various British railway companies also connect Gatwick Airport with London. They also travel frequently (several times per hour) and only take a little longer (just over half an hour). Most of them stop 1-2 times on the way. The final stop in London is at different stations, mostly like the Gatwick Express “Victoria Station” or “London Bridge” (good subway connection). The tickets for these trains are different, usually somewhat cheaper than the Gatwick Express non-stop train. Brighton can also be reached by train several times an hour. These are the same trains as to London in the other direction.

London Eye Wheel: Buy your ticket beforehand

The average number of passengers in the London Eye is about 10,000 per day, in high season and at weekends it is much higher. Thus, there is often a big crowd. The queues at the cash desks of the London Eyes are often long. Hours of waiting time are frequent. Therefore, it makes sense to buy the ticket in advance on the internet.

From and to Gatwick airport by bus

Of course, as everywhere in England, there is a large number of scheduled buses to and from Gatwick Airport. “National Express” goes cheap to London. Buses to other cities in southern England are also interesting, as are buses to other airports around London such as Heathrow Airport or Stansted Airport.

The busses to London cost about 10 pounds, with offers also a little less. It makes sense to buy a ticket in advance on the internet, especially if you are not so familiar with Gatwick Airport. Here you can buy tickets for buses from Gatwick to London.

Gatwick Airport Taxi and similar

Of course you can also take a taxi from Gatwick to London. Of course, this is not exactly a bargain. So-called private transfers have a good reputation. One is fetched with name plate at the airport. With a car one is brought directly to the hotel. Such a service is for 3-4 persons hardly more expensive than the fast train Gatwick Express and makes sense especially for not very travel experienced people.  On this link you can find more information.

Flights to and from London Gatwick

Many charter flights bring sun-hungry holidaymakers from Gatwick to the south. Gatwick’s most popular destination is by far Spain, the British’s favourite holiday destination. But there are also many flights to Ireland. To Germany and to destinations outside Europe there are also connections from Gatwick.

Here are some examples of airlines with some destinations from London Gatwick:

Aer Lingus (Cork, Dublin, in summer also Friedrichshafen at Lake Constance)
Air Berlin (Nuremberg)
Air China (Beijing, China)
Air One (Canada)
British Airways (Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Manchester, many flights to Spain and other line)
Croatia Airlines (Croatia like Zagreb)
Delta Air Lines (Atlanta, USA)
EasyJet: In and around German-speaking countries (some not all year round): Düsseldorf, Munich, Vienna, Zurich, Geneva, Prague, Salzburg, Basel/Freiburg, Berlin, Cologne, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Innsbruck. In addition very many other goals (predominantly in Europe)
Emirates (Dubai)
Hong Kong Airlines (Hong Kong)
Korean Air (Seoul. South Korea)
Lufthansa (Frankfurt)
Ryanair (Alicante, Cork, Dublin, Madrid, Seville, Shannon (Ireland)…)
TAP (Portugal)
US Airways (Charlotte, USA)
Vietnam Airlines (Vietnam)
Virgin Atlantic Airways (mainly long-haul destinations such as the Caribbean and Central America)

(The list is already some years old)

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All data on this side, like on all other sides of this website, are naturally without guarantee. Most of the information is originally from 2014 and 2015, but may be earlier. In 2018, many data have been updated.

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