Piccadilly Circus

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What is special about Piccadilly Circus

It is the central square in the center of London. Although it is about a kilometer away from the official center of the city of London, Centre Point, Piccadilly Circus is considered by many Londoners to be the center of their city. Piccadilly Circus is known for its oversized neon sign and a fountain that is a popular meeting place.

In the last decades Piccadilly Circus was a meeting point of the hippies and especially later of the punks. In the 80s and 90s, dozens of punks with colorful hair often sat around the fountain on summer days. This has diminished in recent years or so. Among both Londoners and tourists, the Eros Fountain at Piccadilly Circus is a very popular meeting place for dates. Many people also just sit on the steps around the fountain and watch the hustle and bustle of life in the heart of London. Since there is always a lot going on here, Piccadilly Circus is also a good place to have casual conversations with other people.

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The world famous billboards

The huge neon signs at Piccadilly Circus are the most famous advertising spaces in Europe. Unfortunately, I don’t know how much the companies pay for the advertisements. There are 6 panels in total. On them international companies like Sanyo, Samsung, Mc Donalds or Coca-Cola advertise their products. The interesting London China Town is only a few 100 meters away.

How to get there by underground

Under Piccadilly Circus there is a subway station named after the square. Two lines cross there. The Piccadilly Line takes you directly to Kings Cross station and Heathrow Airport, among other places.

The Bakerloo Line of the London Underground goes, for example, to Wembley in the north or Waterloo in the south. Hyde Park Corner, worth seeing (actually, worth hearing), is only two stops away on the Piccadilly Line.

Is this the center of London?

By the way, Piccadilly Circus competes with Trafalgar Square as the central square of London. According to not a few Londoners, this city square is also the heart of their city. Others call the City of London the center of the city.

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Piccadilly Circus: More information

Piccadilly Circus is a world-famous roundabout and public square in London’s West End. It is one of the most visited squares in the city and is known for its bright lights, noisy atmosphere and great entertainment.

The history of Piccadilly Circus dates back to the 17th century, when a small square was created at the intersection of several main streets. Over time, the area became increasingly popular and developed into an entertainment and leisure centre with theatres, concert halls and restaurants attracting people from all over the city.

Today, Piccadilly Circus is a public square with something for everyone. Visitors can stroll here and enjoy the sights and sounds of the busy streets or relax in one of the cafés or restaurants around the square.

One of the main attractions of Piccadilly Circus are the electric billboards that adorn the surrounding buildings. These colourful images have become a symbol of the city and are quickly recognised by people from all over the world.

Another attraction in Piccadilly Circus is the Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain, built in 1893 in memory of the philanthropist Lord Shaftesbury. The fountain houses a statue of the Greek god Anteros, said to embody the power of love.

Piccadilly Circus is also known for its spectacular entertainment programme, with street performers and musicians entertaining the crowds with their talent. From magicians and acrobats to singers and dancers, visitors can experience everything here, adding to the lively atmosphere of the place.

In addition to the entertainment and attractions, Piccadilly Circus is also a popular shopping district. Visitors can visit a variety of shops and boutiques here, from luxury shops to souvenir shops.

For those looking for a cultural experience, Piccadilly Circus is also home to many museums and galleries, including the National Portrait Gallery and the Royal Academy of Arts. Overall, Piccadilly Circus is a must-see for any visitor to London. Piccadilly Circus offers a unique combination of entertainment, shopping and culture that appeals to visitors of all ages and interests. Whether you’re visiting the city for the first time or you’re a local, be sure to put Piccadilly Circus on your list of things to do in London.

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